• Building student awareness that each person is in control of and responsible for his or her own success and failures

  • ​Helping each student better understand the relationship between the self and the environment

  • ​Assisting students in developing the coping skills necessary to function more effectively

  • ​Helping parents better understand the needs of their child and keeping them appraised of his or her progress​

About Us

Lakeview Learning Center

Lakeview Learning Center is compliant with New Jersey lead testing standards. Click here to view our lead testing results.

Established in 1981, Lakeview Learning Center is a therapeutic private day school dedicated to helping students attain their true potential and develop the life skills necessary to function in the community. Lakeview Learning Center provides students with a small, structured learning setting coupled with individualized attention from professional educators and on-staff counselors. Throughout the LLC program, the emphasis is on: