With a student-to-staff ratio of approximately 2 to 1 and a philosophy that emphasizes personalized attention, Lakeview Learning Center’s team of professional educators and support staff is dedicated to creating a supportive learning environment. Each class is staffed by a teacher and teaching assistant.  Social workers and psychologists are on staff full-time to provide regular counseling and other services as needed. In addition, staff members (many of them who hold a minimum of a masters degree) are supported through ongoing education and in-service training programs as well as staff development activities, ensuring that every one at Lakeview Learning Center is up to date and proficient in areas related to student’s needs.

Our academic subjects include:

Lakeview Learning Center


NJ ASK Preparation Math
Technology Math
Basic Math
General Math
Consumer Math
Life Skills Math
HSPA Preparation Math
Algebra I
Algebra II
Advanced Algebra
SAT Math Preparation

Physical Education/Health

Physical Education (Middle School)
Physical Education 9
Physical Education 10
Physical Education 11
Physical Education 12
Personal Fitness and Strength Training
Sports Fitness and Strength Training
Recreation and Leisure
Health Family Life (Middle School)
Health Family Life 9
Health Family Life 10
Health Family Life 11
Health Family Life 12
Human Sexuality


Life Skills
Human Relations/Psychology
Sports Management
English/Language Arts

NJ ASK Preparation Language Arts
HSPA Preparation Language Arts      
English 9
English 10
English 11
English 12
British Literature
American Literature
African Literature
Asian Literature
Native American Literature
Verbal SAT Preparation

Social Studies/History

World Cultures
World History
United States History I
United States History II
Personal Finance
Current Events
American Government
Political Science
Law Studies
Law Enforcement
College Preparation History
Multicultural Studies


Physical Science
Life Science
Earth Science
BCT Preparation
Consumer Chemistry
Environmental Science
Ecological Science
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology
Medical Science
College Preparation Science